Class 374 Eurostar e320

The Class 374 is the second-generation of unit used on Eurostar services. Eurostar began looking for new stock in the early 2000s as the existing Eurostar e300 Class 373 could be used on a wider range of European networks such as routes electrified using German 15kV AC and Dutch 1.5kV DC overhead wires [1]. The older Eurostar sets also could not be fitted with ERTMS signalling equipment. The Class 374 e320 (the 320 due to the fact it can travel at up to 320 kph) has supplemented around half of the 373 fleet.

Number built: 272 (17 16-car sets)
Built: 2012-18
Builder: Siemens
Engine: Siemens traction equipment (25/15 kV AC / 1.5/3 kV DC OHLE)
Power: 10, 782 hp (8, 000 kW) AC
5, 632 hp (4, 200 kw) DC
Formation: Driving Motor First Open (DMFO)+Trailer Brake First Open (TBFO)+
Motor First Open (MFO)+Trailer Standard Open (TSO)+TSO+MSO+
TSO+Motor Standard Open Restaurant Brake (MSORB) [x2]

The Class 374 consists of eight car half-sets which operate in pairs with the two driving cars at either end. The Class 374 is part of Siemens Velaro high speed train family though with the traction equipment distributed throughout the train for safety whilst travelling in the Channel Tunnel (this has also allowed the 374 to have a greater passenger carrying capacity than the 373). This safety requirement was key to Alstom when they challenged Eurostar awarding Siemens the contract saying the Velaro broke Channel Tunnel safety rules. However the European Commission rejected this argument and Alstom dropped their legal action.

The original order was for ten sets though an extra seven sets was ordered later on. The Class 374 entered service in 2015, the first of the new extended routes through to Amsterdam was launched in April 2018 [2].
Class 374 left and 373 right at St Pancras International

374 016 at St Pancras International

Two 374s at St Pancras International

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