Class 82

The Class 82 (or AL2) was another of the 5 classes of locomotive built for the West Coast Main Line electrification. The Class 82 used Metropolitan-Vickers equipment though the locomotive building was sub-contracted out to Beyer Peacock [1]. The Class 82 used a number of components in common with the Class 81 though were overweight to British Rail's specification due to a sturdier more traditional method of construction. To get back within the weight limit some parts of the structure were replaced with aluminium or fibre glass and lighter versions of some items of electrical equipment were fitted [2].

Number built: 10
Built: 1960-62
Builder: Beyer Peacock / Metropolitan-Vickers
Engine: 4 Metropolitan-Vickers 189Z traction motors (6.25 / 25kV AC OHLE)
Power: 3, 300 hp (2, 460 kW) continuous
Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo

Although they also had problems with their mercury-arc rectifiers like some of the other early electric locomotives they had less problems with them though the rectifiers were replaced with silicon-diode as with the other classes in the early 1970s. One problem the Class 82 did have at times was a tendency to overheat when stationary if the equipment was still running due to inadequate ventilation [3].

One was withdrawn due to fire damage in 1966, another in 1971, but the rest survived into the 1980s but began to be withdrawn as sufficient more modern traction was available. Two survived (along with 2 Class 83s) on Euston empty stock movements until 1987. One (82 008) has been preserved.
82 005, photographer unknown

82 008, photographer unknown

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