Class 07 (Ruston & Hornsby 275hp Diesel-Electric)

After the Second World War the Southern Railway bought a number of second hand (ex-US Army) steam tank locomotives for the Southampton Docks, the Class 07 was built in 1962 to replace them. The Class 07 was a compromise between small diesel-mechanical shunters and the larger diesel-electric Class 08/09s, having a small wheel base as needed for sharp curves in the docks but being heavier and more powerful in able to shunt heavy Ocean Liner trains [1][2]. They could also be used for local trip working and were fitted with marker lights for this though they were found to suffer from hot axle boxes if running at speed for extended period and so tended to be restricted to shunting.

Number built: 14
Built: 1962
Builder: Ruston & Hornsby
Engine: Paxman 6RPHL Mark III diesel
Power: 275 hp (205 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0

The change to container traffic saw the docks area railway system run down, they were redundant by the late 1970s and were withdrawn from BR service in 1977 [3] though a number were sold on for industrial use and one serving in the departmental fleet at Eastleigh Works [4]. A number have also been preserved.
07 001 at the Heritage Shunters Trust 
2987 in BR days (KD Collection)

Another view of the preserved 07 001

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