Andrew Barclay 486 (Meaford No. 4)

Meaford No. 4 / Andrew Barclay 486 is an example of a number of diesel-hydraulic shunters built by the firm in the mid-1960s mainly for power stations and the MOD.

Built: 1964
Builder: Andrew Barclay
Engine: Rolls Royce C8SFL diesel
Power: 311 hp (232 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0

Built in 1964 [1], AB486 operated at a number of power stations. After being built it worked at West Burton power station before transferring to Meaford Power Station (as its No. 4 loco) in 1979. Coal traffic to the power station ended in the mid-1980s, National Power (as the CEGB had become by then) donated No. 4 to the Foxfield Railway in 1990 where it still resides.

To cope with tight curves despite being an 0-6-0 the middle wheels are flangeless. The relatively large cab is designed to give good visibility in all directions.
Two views of Meaford No. 4 at the Foxfield Railway

The locomotive carries the name Clive

[1] Industrial Locomotives (13th Edition), (Industrial Railway Society, 2003) p. 194