Waterloo and City Line Shunter 75S

As well as electrical equipment for the Waterloo & City Railway Siemens Brothers were also contracted by the LSWR to built a small electric shunter for use on the self-contained underground line [1]. 75S (as it was numbered by the Southern Railway, British Railways later renumbered it DS75) spent all of it's working life underground. The locomotive was used for the shunting of Waterloo & City Stock and also hauling wagonloads of coal which had been bought down the Armstrong Lift up the line for the power station.

Number built: 1
Built: 1898
Builder: Siemens
Engine: 2 Siemens traction motors (530-600v DC third rail)
Power: 120 hp (90 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 4w

75S had a driving cab at only one end and had two nose-suspended traction motors of the same type used on the passenger stock [2] with air brakes fed from a reservoir. It remained in service until 1969 and has been preserved by the National Railway Museum. A second electric locomotive (74S later DS74), a larger Bo-Bo type with a central steeple-cab was also built for the line though was moved to work on the surface at Wimbledon in 1915 [3].
75S as preserved at NRM Shildon in Southern Railways livery
Another view of 75S
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