London Underground 1967 Tube Stock

The Victoria Line was built in the 1960s and the first new deep-level "tube" line to be built for over fifty years. The 1967 Tube Stock was built for the new line and was the first stock with Automatic Train Operation (ATO) from new - some older tube sets had been converted to ATO for testing (see below). The 1967 Tube Stock served on the Victoria Line until 2011 when it was replaced by the 2009 Tube Stock [1].

Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
Under ATO trains basically drive themselves with the driver largely reduced in role to overseeing everything is working as it should. The isolated Woodfood-Hainault section of the Central Line was used to develop ATO in the 1960s using converted 1960 Tube Stock [2]. When the 1967 Tube Stock began to arrive after 1967 trains were tested on the section [3] before moving onto the Victoria though a small number stayed on the line for revenue services. These were recalled to the Victoria by the early 1980s due to rising traffic demand.

Number built: 316 cars in 4-car sets (in 8 car formations)
31 cars later converted from 1972 Mk 1 Stock
Built: 1967-69
Builder: Metro-Cammell
Motor: 4 Crompton Parkinson/Brush LT115 traction motors per motor car (630v DC fourth rail)
Power: 1, 138 hp (848 kW) (8-car formation)
Formation: Driving Motor (DM) + Trailer (T) + T + DM (x 2)

The 1967 Tube Stock trains were based on previous tube stock like the 1959 Stock [4] though were the first tube trains to be aesthetically designed by a industrial designer and not an engineer. They bought a lot of new features to the Underground as well as ATO including rheostatic braking, fluorescent lighting and improved windows. Although marshalled in 4-car sets the 1967 Tube Stock usually operated in 8-car formations and could be regarded as semi-permanently coupled as so. Like the Waterloo & City Line the Victoria Line is entirely underground however the main depot for the Victoria Line at Northumberland Park is in the daylight at least! [5]

Some cars from the follow-on 1972 Mk 1 Tube Stock fleet were later converted to 1967 standard to augment the fleet and the fleet received a heavy refurbishment in the early 1990s [6]. Following withdrawal a number of 1967 cars have been preserved (some as cab ends [7]) and a number of cars have also begun a new lease of life in the engineering fleet as part of the new Tunnel Cleaning and Asset Inspection Trains [8][9].
3052 preserved at London Transport Museum Depot, Acton

Another 1967TS cab preserved at Acton

Interior of 3052

Other end of 3052

Cab of 3052, HRH The Queen was in this cab to officially open the Victoria Line

3052 with a Class 487 to the left

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