London Underground 2009 Tube Stock

The 2009 Tube Stock was built to replace the time expired 1967 Tube Stock on the Victoria Line, entering service from 2010 [1]. The trains are part of Bombardier's Movia family along like the S Stock (though reduced in dimensions to fit a deep-level tube). They were built as part of a major upgrade of the Victoria Line reducing journey times by being faster and having better acceleration than the 1967ts, and increasing capacity. They can carry nearly 20% more passengers per train - and there are also 6 more of them in service than the 1967ts fleet. They are slightly wider (40mm) than the 1967ts to take advantage of the wider tunnels on the Victoria Line though this does mean they cannot travel on the other deep tube lines. They are also longer than the 1967ts and indeed are the longest deep tube stock in service.

Number built: 376 (47 8-car sets)
Built: 2007-11
Builder: Bombardier Derby
Engine: Bombardier MITRAC DR1000 traction package (630v DC fourth rail)
Formation: Driving Motor (DM)+Trailer (T)+Non-Driving Motor (NDM)
+Uncoupling Non-Driving Motor (UNDM)+UNDM+NDM+T+DM

The 2009ts have an IGBT traction package [2] similar to that used on the Electrostar family (such as the Class 377 and 387). They are the first tube stock designed to take into account the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2010 (RVAR 2010) with facilities for people with impaired mobility such as tip-up seats, off-set grab poles and space for wheel chairs [3]. They have dot-matrix displays inside the car showing passenger information and service updates. As with the 1967ts they are equipped for Automatic Train Operation (ATO), the 2009ts uses the more advanced Invensys DTG-R system [4].

The 2009ts took over the Victoria Line completely from the 1967ts in mid-2011. There have been some teething troubles, the door sensors being over sensitive but they serve daily moving huge numbers of people on the incredibly busy Victoria Line.
11052 at Oxford Circus

Train standing at Pimlico

2009ts departing from Warren Street

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