Blackpool Corporation Standard Cars

Blackpool Corporation Transport, which had amalgamated with the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad in 1920, were in desperate need of new trams by the early 1920s. The Standard Cars were built to be fully enclosed and more geared to commuter traffic than earlier trams which had prioritised the tourist trade (and had been rather open to the elements).

Number built: 42
Built: 1923-29
Builder: Blackpool Corporation Transport Dept. / Hurst Nelson
Motor: 2 British Thomson-Houston B265C electric motors (550v DC OHLE)
Power: 70 hp (52 kW)

The trams were all double deckers and originally with open balconies though later refits enclosed these also on some trams. The trams were built at Blackpool Corporation's own workshop, for accounting reasons some trams were classed as "rebuilds" of earlier trams made by Hurst Nelson though very little in practice was retained.

Although withdrawals began in the 1940s the Standard Cars survived in service until 1966. One of the preserved cars, Number 40, which was withdrawn in 1963, was the last open balcony tram (and hence first generation electric tram) to remain in service in the country.
Number 40 at Crich Tramway Museum

Number 49, also at Crich

Another view of Number 40

The open balcony is fully visible in this view of Number 40