Class 350 Desiro

The Class 350 Desiro EMU has been built in three batches since 2004 and serves, and has served, with a number of Train Operating Companies, probably the most notable being London Northwestern (LNWR). With LNWR the Class 350 is the mainstay of the franchise's intercity regional services under the wires. The Class 350 has also served with the now defunct franchises London Midland, Central Trains and Silverlink and also with Southern but nowadays is only in service with LNWR and First TransPennine Express.

Number built: 348 (87 4-car train sets) 
Built: 2004-14
Builder: Siemens
Motor: 4 Siemens 1TB2016-0GB02 traction motors (25kV AC OHLE)
(350/1) 750v DC third rail
Power: 2, 010 hp (1, 500 kW)
Formation: Driving Motor Standard Open (DMSO)+Trailer Composite
Open (TCO)+Pantograph Trailer Standard Open (PTSO)+DMSO

The Class 350 is capable of up to 110mp/h (except the 350/2) and collects its power from the 25kV AC overhead wires though some (350/1) can use the 750v DC third rail too however these days only operate as AC EMUs. They are part of the Desiro family which also includes the very similar Classes 185, 360444 and 450. Indeed the original batch of 350s was originally ordered as Class 450s [1].

London Northwestern Railway use the 350/1, 350/2 (which has high density seating) and the recently built 350/3 on services down the West Coast Main Line to London Euston. First TPE uses the 350/4.
LNWR 350 107 at Lea Hall

LNWR 350 377 at Stoke-on-Trent

TPE 350 405 and 350 401 at Wigan North Western

LNWR 350 107 at Atherstone

LNWR 350 234 at Bletchley

Back in London Midland days, 350 116 at Milton Keynes Central

[1] Colin J. Marsden, DMU and EMU Recognition Guide (Ian Allan, 2013) p. 270