Class 108 (BR Derby General Branch Line and Local Services 2,3,4-car)

The Class 108 was the second of the so-called "Derby Lightweight" DMUs being a lot lighter in construction than other units like the Class 114. The Class 108 was designed for branch line and local services having a low-density interior and toilets and were allocated to British Rail's London Midland and Eastern Regions [1]. They served as 3 or 4-car sets, some later reverting to 2-cars, until the early 1990s. Some cars with first class accommodation were later declassified to second/standard [2].

Number built: 333 cars
Built: 1958-61
Builder: BR Derby
Motor: 2 BUT AEC / Leyland 6-cyl diesels
Power: 300 hp (220 kW)
Formation: Driving Motor Brake Standard (MBS)+[Trailer Brake
Standard Lavatory (TBSL)+Trailer Standard Lavatory
(TSL)]+Driving Motor Composite Lavatory (DMCL)/
Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory (DTCL)

Because of the good condition of the Class 108 units on withdrawal a number went into departmental service and also preservation. Over 30 cars are currently preserved and most of these operational on various heritage lines.
Two preserved 2-car sets at Bewdley on the SVR

Class 108 cab

Another preserved Class 108 at Duffield on the EVR

Crossing the yard at Kidderminster SVR

At Bewdley SVR

Another view at Duffield EVR

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[2] Brian Haresnape, Diesel Multiple Units - the First Generation (Ian Allan, 1985) p. 50