Sheffield Corporation Open-Topped Double Decker Tram

Among the earliest electric trams built for what would become one of the biggest fleets, G.F. Milnes and the Electric Railway & Tramway Carriage Works of Preston produced a number of open-topped double decker trams for the Sheffield Corporation Tramway in 1899 and 1900 to work alongside single decker trams. They were soon joined by other double decker trams built by Brush.

Information for ER&TCW Trams
Number built: 30
Built: 1900
Builder: Electric Railway & Tramway Carriage Works
Motor: 2 British Thomson-Houston GE52 electric motors (DC OHLE)
Power: 54 hp (40kW)

Within a few years the trams were fitted with top-covers though with open balconies. Sheffield Corporation rebuilt and modified their trams frequently with trams like the later preserved Number 74 looking very different when it left service than when it started. Number 74 gained a top cover, a different truck and electrical equipment in it's twenty two years in Sheffield and the following thirty years in Gateshead. Following withdrawal in 1951 the lower deck was sold to become a garden shed! Finally in 1990 it was preserved and has been rebuilt with a top deck from another Sheffield tram and a truck from a Leeds one.
Number 74 has been restored to working order at Crich

Top deck balcony