Class 06

The Class 06 was one of the many types of shunter bought by British Railways for freight yards with sharp curves. It has a short wheel base but otherwise was similar to other Andrew Barclay shunters and had a good performance for a locomotive of its size. As well as yard work it could also be used for trip work between yards. Thirty five were built for Scottish Region in the late 1950s [1]. Most were withdrawn in the late 60s as the freight business on British Railways changed dramatically though 10 survived into the 1970s and received TOPS numbers [2]. The last survivor 06 003, by now in departmental service in Reading, survived until 1984.

Number built: 35
Built: 1958
Builder: Andrew Barclay
Engine: Gardner 8L3 diesel
Power: 204 hp (152 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 0-4-0

This last locomotive in service, 06 003 (D2420), is now the only Class 06 in existence and is now part of the Heritage Shunters Trust collection. It is currently undergoing a restoration back to working order.
D2420 under restoration at the Heritage Shunters Trust, Rowsley South

Cab of D2420

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