Class 06 (Andrew Barclay 204hp Diesel-Mechanical)

The Class 06 was one of the many types of shunter bought by British Railways for freight yards with sharp curves. It has a short wheel base but otherwise was similar to other Andrew Barclay shunters and had a good performance for a locomotive of its size. As well as yard work it could also be used for trip work between yards. Thirty five were built for Scottish Region in the late 1950s [1]. Most were withdrawn in the late 1960s as the freight business on British Railways changed dramatically though ten survived into the 1970s and received TOPS numbers [2]. The last survivor 06 003, by now in departmental service in Reading, survived until 1984.

Number built: 35
Built: 1958
Builder: Andrew Barclay
Motor: Gardner 8L3 diesel
Power: 204 hp (152 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 0-4-0

This last locomotive in service, 06 003 (D2420), is now the only Class 06 still in existence. It is now part of the Heritage Shunters Trust collection and is undergoing restoration back to working order.
06 003 seen in 2016

Cab view

Rear view


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[2] Heritage Shunters Trust Stock List 2015