NER Petrol Inspection Car

The North Eastern Railway built the first of a number of petrol-engine powered inspection cars in 1908 [1]. The car was just over five metres long and included seating for NER officials (six permanent seats and two camp stools) as well as a map table in an open saloon, they also had a driving cab at both ends. In 1911 two more cars were built, these were larger and could seat up to twelve passengers and had more powerful White & Poppe engines.

Number built: 4
Built: 1908, 1911, 1923
Builder: NER York
Motor: Four-cylinder petrol engine
Power: 40 hp (30 kW) 

One of these later cars was destroyed in a fire in 1921, a slightly larger replacement was built in 1923. In the late 1920s the cars' engines were replaced by Leyland motors. They survived in service, now with LNER, until 1939 when it was decided to withdraw them from use because of their unsuitability for use in any other duties. All three cars were scrapped.
Original 1908 petrol car [1]

Interior view

[1] "New Petrol Rail Inspection Car", Railway Times (April 1908) p. 386