Baguley-Drewry 3698-3701

Baguley-Drewry built these four diesel-hydraulic shunters for the Royal Air Force's ammunition depot at RAF Chilmark in Wiltshire. Goods were transferred from a standard gauge rail link via a 600mm narrow gauge railway which ran into several caverns. RAF Chilmark closed in 1995.

Number built: 4
Built: 1973
Builder: Baguley-Drewry
Motor: Gardner diesel
Power: 65hp / 48kW
Formation: 4wDH

All four locomotives have survived, though in different locations. 3698 is now at the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway. 3699 at the Gartell Light Railway. 3700 is in Turkey and 3701 at the Richmond Light Railway.
3698 at Stonehenge Works, Leighton Buzzard Light Railway

3698 now carries the number NG46

Front view of 3698