Class 332 Heathrow Express

The Class 332 EMUs are used exclusively on the Heathrow Express out of London Paddington. The trains leave for the airport every fifteen minutes on a non-stop journey which takes fifteen minutes. Similar units known as the Class 333 operate in the North of England.

Number built: 61 (14 4 and 5 car sets)
Built: 1997-98, 2002
Builder: CAF Siemens
Engine: 4 Siemens traction motors (25kV AC OHLE)
Power: 1, 877 hp (1, 400 kW)
Formation: Driving Motor First Open (DMFO)+Trailer Standard Open (TSO)
+Pantograph Trailer Standard Open Kavatory (PTSOL)+
Driving Motor Standard Open (DMSO) or
DMSO+TSO+PTSOL+Driving Motor First Lavatory Open (DMFLO)
(5 car sets have an extra TSO)

The EMUs were originally delivered as three-car sets but have been reformed as four and five car sets with further car deliveries. There are nine four-car sets and five five-car sets [1]. They were the first electric trains to operate on the Great Western Main Line after a portion was electrified as far as the airport junction.
332 012 passes through Ealing Broadway heading for Paddington

332 001 up on jacks at the Heathrow Express depot at Old Oak Common

Interior of 332 003

Another view inside Old Oak Common depot

Cab of 332 003

332 006 waits to depart at London Paddington

[1] Colin J. Marsden, DMU and EMU Recognition Guide (Ian Allan, 2013) p. 266