Class 489 1-GLV [Updated]

The Class 489 1-GLV is a motorised luggage van converted out of Phase 2 Class 414 2-HAP motor cars for use on the Gatwick Express push-pull service [1]. In service the Class 489 formed one end of a train which consisted of Class 488 rolling stock and a Class 73 as primary motive power though the Class 489 also has traction motors on one bogie [2]. The formation served on the Gatwick Express until 2005.

The Class 489s were gutted internally and had rebuilt bodysides with 3 pairs of swing doors on either side. One end of the unit has a gangway to allow the guard full access to the train though the driving end does not.

Number built: 10
Built: 1983 (conversion) 1956 (original)
Builder: BR Eastleigh 
Engine: 2 EE507 traction motors (660-750v DC third rail)
Power: 500 hp (370 kW)
Formation: Gatwick Luggage Van (GLV)

Following withdrawal half the class have been preserved though none are in running order with 3 also serving with Network Rail as de-icing units. Two of the preserved Class 489s are on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway where they serve as a buffet and a museum!
9101 at Wirksworth

9107 at Wirksworth
Corridor end of 9101

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