Class 08 [Updated]

The Class 08 was a development of earlier diesel shunters built for the "Big 4" railway companies and the early nationalised British Railways especially the LMS Class 11 [1]. It became the standard diesel heavy shunter and over 1,000 of it and the related Classes 09 and 10 were built over a 10 period [2].

Number built: 996
Built: 1952-62
Builder: British Railways Derby, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Horwich
Engine: English Electric 6KT 
Power: 350 hp (261 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0

Despite the need for dedicated shunters having reduced considerably over the years there are still plenty of Class 08s in service and they are a fairly common sight on national rails in depots and freight yards, plus over 60 have been preserved and others sold to private companies. The vast majority of the class were of the standard 08/0 sub-class with a small number having cut down cab heights for operating in South Wales known as the 08/9.

One interesting off-shoot was the Class 13 which consisted of pairs of Class 08s permanently coupled, the cab on one of the 08s removed, to form a 700hp shunter for the Tinsley Marshalling Yard, unfortunately none survived withdrawal.
D3201 at Kidderminster SVR

08 825 at Chinnor

Another view of 08 825

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