Class 88 (Stadler Euro Dual)

The Class 88 is the latest locomotive type to arrive on British mainline rails and the first electro-diesel since the Class 73 and 74 in the 1960s (though fashionably referred to these days as bi-mode), it is also the first AC electric-diesel. The Class 88 is a development of the pure diesel Class 68 and looks very similar having the same bodyshell, cab and bogies - a major difference of course being the pantograph on top!

Number built: 10
Built: 2015-16
Builder: Stadler Rail
Engine: Four ABB 4FRA6063 traction motors (25kV AC OHLE)
Caterpillar C27 diesel
Power: (Electric) 5, 364 hp (4, 000kW)
(Diesel) 950hp (710kW)
Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo

The Class 88 is a true electro-diesel which uses the same traction equipment and control software in both modes though the diesel engine (a Caterpillar C27) only provides 20% as much power compared to electric mode. Ten Class 88s have been bought by Direct Rail Services with deliveries starting in early 2017 and an introduction into service in the following Summer.
Three views of 88 003 at Kidderminster SVR

On the SVR, only diesel power could be used of course

Note the similarity to the Class 68