London Underground 1992 Tube Stock (Central Line)

The 1992 Tube Stock (1992TS) was built for the Central Line in the early 1990s to replace ageing 1962 Tube Stock. As well as for the Central Line an order of stock was added for the Waterloo & City Line too, then still British Rail owned, as the Class 482. The 1992TS is based on the three 1986 Prototype Tube Stock trains which ran a series of trials in the late 1980s [1]. They were the first production tube stock fitted with solid state traction equipment [2].

Number built: 680 cars (8-car sets)
Built: 1991-94
Builder: BREL Derby / ABB Derby
Motor: 4 Brush LT130 traction motors per car (630v DC fourth rail)
Power: 1, 984 hp (1, 472 kW)
Formation: Driving Motor (DM)+Non Driving Motor (NDM)+NDM+NDM+NDM+NDM+NDM+DM

Eighty five eight-car sets were built for the Central Line making up six hundred and eighty cars in total, one hundred and seventy five being Driving Motors and the rest Non Driving Motors. Some NDMs are also fitted with de-icing equipment. The make-up of an eight-car formation can vary though DMs are always at the outer ends of course. The NDMs lack cabs but do have shunting controls accessible via an external cabinet.

The 1992TS has not been a trouble-free design for London Underground, despite the fact it was based on years of work with the prototype fleet there were a number of teething problems that delayed and hindered the entry into service. In 2003 a train of 1992TS derailed at Chancery Lane, after a traction motor became detached from one of the bogies following a sheered bolt, injuring thirty-two passengers [3][4]. The entire fleet was taken out of service (both Central and Waterloo & City fleets) for bolts to be checked and faulty ones replaced. In 2010-11 the bogies were replaced by a new design by Siemens [5]. However the 1992TS is the worst performing fleet on LU in terms of reliability and availability [6].

The 1992 Tube Stock fleet will be replaced as part of Deep Tube Upgrade in the next decade, under current plans the 92TS fleet will be replaced near the end of the 2020s or early in the 2030s [7]. To keep the fleet going until then the Central Line Improvement Programme (CLIP) will be carried out in the next few years by Bombardier. The upgrade includes replacing the DC traction system with a Mitrac AC system [8], on board computer, communication system and refreshing and updating the interior to make it RVAR compliant.
91325 at Ealing Broadway

91013 at Leytonstone

Aboard a DM

Departing Mile End heading West

91289 at White City

91101 arrives at East Acton
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