Class 387 Electrostar

The Class 387 is the final development of the Electrostar family having a higher top speed of 110mp/h. When the final carriages were built in November 2017 [1] it bought to an end 18 years of continuous Electrostar production with a grand total of 2,805 carriages built of the Classes 357, 375, 376, 377, 378 and 387 [2].

Number built: 428 (107 4-car sets)
Built: 2014-17
Builder: Bombardier Derby
Engine: Bombardier MITRAC DR1000 traction system
(750v DC third rail and 25kv AC OHLE)
Power: 2, 250 hp (1, 900 kW)
Formation: Driving Motor Composite Open (DMCO)+Motor Second Open (MSO)+
Trailer Second Open (TSO)+DMCO

The Class 387 is in service with Great Northern, Great Western Railway, Gatwick Express and c2c. They were also in service with Thameslink until being transferred to Great Northern after being replaced by Class 700s.

Extermally Class 387s look the same as the likes of the Class 377. Class 387/1s are in service with Great Northern and GWR. 387/2s with Gatwick Express and 387/3s with c2c. The c2c trains are due to be replaced by new build EMUs in 2019 and will likely go and join one of the other operators to strengthen their fleet.
GWR 387 156 arrives at Ealing Broadway

Thameslink 387 113 at London Blackfriars

Thameslink 387 103 at Bedford

Gatwick Express 387 223 on a test run through Stafford

Thameslink 387 103 at Bedford, its replacement a Class 700 behind it

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