Class 458 5-JOP

The Class 458 4-JOP (Juniper Outer-suburban Porterbrook) was built for South West Trains in the late 1990s to replace some Class 411s, although designed for the ex-Southern Region 750v DC third rail network they were "future proofed" with provision to support a pantograph and overhead electric collection though have not carried one yet [1].

Their entry into service as 458/0 was unfortunately fraught with technical difficulties with serious usage on the London Waterloo to Reading and Guildford-Ascot routes not happening for several years and after many modifications [2]. The unreliability saw SWT plump for the "Desiro" Class 444/450s instead of more 458s to replace the majority of its "slam door" EMU fleet [3].

Number built: 120 (30 4-car sets)
(rebuilds) 180 (36 5-car sets)
Built: 1999-02
(rebuilds) 2013-6
Builder: Althom (Washwood Heath)
(rebuilds) Wabtec (Doncaster) & Brush Traction (Loughborough)
Motor: 6 Althom ONIX 800 traction motors (750v DC third-rail)
Power: 2, 172 hp (1, 620 kW)
Formation: (original) Driving Motor Composite Open (DMCO)+
Pantograph Standard Open (PSO)+Motor Standard Open (MSO)+
(rebuilds) Driving Motor Standard Open (DMSO)+

In 2011 after the withdrawal of the similar Class 460 from the Gatwick Express it was decided to use cars from the 460 to strengthen the 458s as five car trains (5-JOP). The trains were also refurbished and rebuilt with an improved appearance includinfg full gangways. Five "new" 458/5s (as they became known) were also created from spare rebuilt 460 cars. Work was completed in 2016 [5]. They are now operated by South Western Railway.
SWR 458 520 at Addlestone

458 535 in SWT days at Clapham Junction

Another SWT 458 at Clapham Junction

Close up of 458 503

SWR 458 515 at Clapham Junction

SWR 458 506 at Reading

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