Class 68 (Vossloh 3,800hp Type 5 Diesel-Electric)

The latest diesel locomotives built for the UK mainline, the Class 68 is designed for mixed traffic work being capable of 100mp/h. The Class 68 is a UK version of the Vossloh Eurolight family (known as the UKLight) built to fit within the UK loading gauge.

Number built: 34 (including pending)
Built: 2013 onwards
Builder: Vossloh
Engine: Caterpillar C175-16 diesel
Power: 3, 800 hp (2, 800 kW)
Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo

The initial order by Direct Rail Services was for 15 locomotives with deliveries beginning in 2014. Since then there have been follow-won orders to take the total up to 34 eventually of which 25 are currently in service.

The Class 68 spends a lot of its time on passenger services with the Chiltern Main Line express being a major task for the type. Some have been painted in Chiltern colours with the rest in DRS livery. The Class 68 will also haul passenger trains for TransPennine Express from 2018. The Class 68 is a true mixed-traffic locomotive and can also be found on freight trains and engineering trains.

The Class 68 is now being joined by an electro-diesel bi-mode version of the UKLight known as the Class 88.
DRS 68 025 at Kidderminster on the SVR

Chiltern 68 015 at Marylebone

DRS 68 009 propelling a Chiltern express at Leamington Spa

Cab view

Chiltern 68 014 at Leamington Spa