London Underground 1995 Tube Stock

The 1995 Tube Stock fleet was built in the late 1990s to modernise the Northern Line replacing 1959 and 1972 Tube Stock. Externally the 95ts looks very similar to the 1996 Tube Stock built concurrently for the Jubilee Line though is in six-car sets [1] not seven like the 1996 trains and has quite different electrical equipment and internal layouts.

Number built: 636 (106 6-car sets)
Built: 1996-1999
Builder: GEC Alstom Birmingham
Engine: 4 Alstom ONIX three-phase AC induction motors per motor car (630v DC fourth rail)
Formation: Driving Motor (DM)+Trailer (T)+Non-Driving Motor (UNDM)+UNDM+T+DM

The 95ts has an AC traction control system unlike earlier tube stock which has DC. It has an Alstom ONIX three phase insulated gate bipolar transistor drive (IGBT) drive which supplies variable voltage and frequency to four traction motors per motor car [2]. This is considered more efficient than DC drive and lighter (for example AC motors have no brushes) giving a better power/weight ratio. The IGBT drive can switch high currents very rapidly with a smoother and more even acceleration than earlier systems including the Gate Turn Off system used on the 96ts [3].

The fleet has served well and was given a refresh in 2013 with new seats and improved interiors [4]. The forthcoming extension of the Northern Line to Battersea (due to open in 2020) [5] and a possible splitting of the 2 Northern Line branches into separate lines was at one time thought to require more rolling stock and a top-up order of 1995 Tube Stock was mooted however recent financial constraints have put paid to that plan for now.
51600 at Golders Green

51646 at Embankment

51555 at Finchley Central

51674 at Finchley Central

51717 at Mill Hill East, the dot next to the number denotes this is fitted with de-icing equipment

51622 at Highgate

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