Class 158 Express Sprinter

The Class 158 DMU is one of the mainstays of cross country routes having being built as express DMUs in the early 1990s to replace loco-hauled trains and older DMUs on provincial and regional services [1]. Nearly 200 sets were built and they currently serve with no fewer than 6 Train Operating Companies across Britain. Some have been converted to Class 159.

Number built: 354 (182 2 and 3 car sets)
Built: 1990-92
Builder: BREL Derby
Engine: Cummins NTA855R1/3 or Perkins 2006-TWH diesel engine per power car
Power: 350 hp (260 kW) or 400 hp (300kW) per vehicle
Formation: 2-car : Driving Motor Standard Lavatory (DMSL)+DMSL
or DMSL+Driving Motor Composite Lavatory (DMCL)
3-car : DMSL+Motor Standard (MS)+DMSL

The Class 158 operates as either a 2 or 3-car set, mostly with a Cummins engine though a few were fitted with Perkins engines instead. Currently the fleet is split into the 158/0 and 158/9 sub-classes. The latter were originally 2-car sets but were beefed up into 3-car by the addition of an extra driving coach though the cab of this is locked out of use.

The Class 158 is in operation with Northern, Scot Rail, Arriva Trains Wales, South Western Railway (formerly South West Trains), Great Western Railway and East Midland Trains. Twelve 3-car sets were also built by BREL Derby for the Thailand state railway and also continue in service.
Arriva Trains Wales 158 836 at Aberystwyth 
South West Trains 158 889 passes Leamington Spa 
GWR 158 953 at Portsmouth Harbour

East Midland Trains 158 777 at Derby

Northern 158 752 at York

EMT 158 854 approaches Duffield

[1] Colin J Marsden, DMU and EMU Recognition Guide (Ian Allan, 2013) p. 140