Class 01 (Andrew Barclay 153hp Diesel-Mechanical)

The Class 01 was a small class of shunter designed for use in shunting yards where there were tight curves and limited clearances which larger locomotives could not cope with. Four of the class, originally known as Class DY2 then D1/2, were built in 1965 for use for Eastern Region in the Stratford area [1]. A fifth was built a couple of years later for departmental service though returned to capital stock in 1967 [2].

Number built: 5
Built: 1956-58
Builder: Andrew Barclay
Engine: Gardner 6L3 diesel
Power: 153 hp (114 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 0-4-0

Naturally such a small class of locomotive was doomed as the 1960s came to an end amid British Rail's determination to rationalise its locomotive fleet. However 2 of the class had an unlikely reprieve. Their small size meant they were suitable for use on the quarry breakwater tramway in Holyhead [3]. The 2 locomotives survived until 1982 and lasted long enough to carry TOPS numbers as 01 001 and 01 002.

Ironically though these 2 locomotives were scrapped and 2 of the other 3 which were withdrawn in the late 1960s ended up preserved after first being sold for industrial use.

Note: The Class 01 code has been reused in recent years for privately owned shunters that operate on National Rail metals as Class 01/5. These will be examined separately.
Four views of D2953 preserved at the Heritage Shunters Trust

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