Class 465 Networker

The Class 465 was built in the early 90s to replace ageing Mark 1 based EMUs like the Class 415 on Kent suburban routes [1]. The replacement of this old stock was seen as a priority in the late 1980s by the then-new Network South East sector of British Rail [2]. The new fleet of EMUs became known as the Networkers. The introduction of the Class 465, and the 2-car fleet of Class 466s, bought with it driver only operation, more spacious interiors and rapid acceleration compared to the 1950s build EMUs they replaced [3].

Number built: 588 (147 4-car sets)
Built: 1991-93
Builder: ABB/BREL York (465/0 and 465/1)
Metro-Cammell (465/2 and 465/9)
Engine: Hitachi TIM2093A (465/0 and 465/1)
Alsthom G352AY (465/2)
Alsthom G352BY (465/9) (750v DC third rail)
Power: 3, 004 hp (2, 240 kW)
Power: Driving Motor Standard Open (DMSO)+Trailer Standard Open (TSO)+
Trailer Standard Open Lavatory (TSOL)+DMSO (465/0, 465/1 and 465/2)
Driving Motor Composite Open (DMCO)+TSO+TSOL+DMCO (465/9)

In 2005 34 465/2s were rebuilt for longer routes and had first class seats added to the 2 driving cars, these became 465/9. The original Brush traction motors on the 465/0 and 465/1 were replaced with Hitachi equipment in 2009 to improve reliability.

All Class 465s were delivered in Network South East livery. Following privatisation they wore Connex South Eastern and latterly Southeastern Trains colours. Currently all are still operated by Southeastern.
Southeastern 465 175 at London Victoria

Southeastern 465 023 passes Peckham Rye

Southeastern 465 012 passes New Cross

Southeastern 465 188 at London Victoria

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