Brush Railcoach Trams

Brush built these Railcoach trams for the Blackpool Corporation in the late 1930s as a follow-on to earlier English Electric built railcoach trams. The idea behind the Railcoaches was to try and achieve the same level of comfort as contemporary road coaches. Compared to the English Electric cars the Brush built ones had a more streamlined design and the insides were ornate with luxurious seating. Over time in service however the Railcoach trams became more utilitarian and bus-like.

Number built: 20
Built: 1937
Builder: Brush
Motor: 2 Crompton Parkinson C162 or EE305 electric motors (DC OHLE)
Power: 114 hp (85 kW)

The Brush Railcoaches were retrofitted with English Electric electric equipment reused from the EE Railcoaches as they were scrapped in the 1960s. Later modifications included replacing the original trolley pole with a pantograph and improved lighting - interior and exterior.

Most of the fleet were withdrawn in the early 2010s. Fourteen still survive, some in working order. One (636) is also being used to develop and test a wheel mounted motor and battery operation.
630 at Crich Tramway Museum

630 carries the 1990s livery of Blackpool Transport Services

630 is in later modernised condition

630 approaches the terminus at Crich

636 at Wirksworth, testing electrical equipment

Waiting to depart