London County Council B Class Tram

These trams, known as the B Class by London County Council, were to the standard open-topped design of Dick, Kerr of Preston and built by the Electric Railway & Carriage Company. They were smaller than earlier LCC trams, with fifty six seats, and were intended for less busy routes [1].

The trams took their power from an underground electric conduit. The B Class received a number of modifications early on in their lives, they were retrofitted with top covers. One interesting modification was the original reversed staircase was replaced by a direct staircase on Metropolitan Police instruction as the original staircase obscured part of the driver's view (the very similar preserved Leicester Corporation tram shows the original staircase). The B Class trams were withdrawn from service by 1931 [2].

Number built: 100
Built: 1903
Builder: Electric Railway & Carriage Company
Motor: 2 DK24A later Westinghouse 220 electric motors (DC Conduit)
Power: 84 hp (62 kW)

LCC 106 is preserved at Crich. It was converted to a snow broom and fitted with a trolley for overhead electric collection in 1925. It continued in service until 1952 when it was preserved. During the 1970s work began to restore it to a passenger carrying tram.
Two views of 106 at Crich

106 carries the London County Council livery

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