Douglas Southern Electric Tramway Double Decker Toastrack

Open sided trams with bench seating, known as "toastrack" trams were popular in seaside towns and attractions such as at Blackpool. No. 1 built for the Douglas Southern Electric Tramway on the Isle of Man was interesting as it was a double decker toastrack. It ran along the Douglas Marine Drive along a ledge cut from a cliff face.

Number built: 14
Built: 1896
Builder: Brush Traction
Motor: 2 Westinghouse 12A electric motors (DC OHLE)
Power: 50 hp (37 kW)

The tram had a capacity of seventy five passengers, an interesting feature being that passengers could only board and alight from one side of the tram (due to the cliff face). The tramway ran until 1939 when the line was closed due to the Second World War. After the war No. 1 it was restored and is now preserved at Crich Tramway Museum. The tramway alas never reopened.
No. 1 at Crich