Class 395 Javelin

The Class 395 Javelin has been built for domestic services on the HS1 route in Kent and also other commuter routes in the South East. The Javelin is built for high speed and can reach up to 225kp/h (140mp/h) on the 25v AC electrified HS1 route and 161kp/h (100mp/h) on other routes electrified by DC third rail [1].

Number built: 174 (29 6-car sets)
Built: 2007-09
Builder: Hitachi
Motor: Hitachi traction system (16 motors) (25kV AC OHLE &
750v DC third rail)
Power: 2, 253 hp (1, 680 kW)
Formation: Pantograph Driving Trailer Standard Open (PDTSO)+
Motor Standard (MS)+MS+MS+MS+PDTSO

The Class 395 is based on Hitachi's 400 Series Mini Shinkansen and A-Train train families. The trains were built as part of the upgrade to the capital's transport infrastructure before the 2012 Olympics and entered service in 2009. The Javelin fleet is operated by South Eastern and has greatly reduced commuter travel times into London St Pancras.
A Javelin waits at St Pancras 
Two 6-car sets head into St Pancras, the nose code retracts to allow coupling

Another Javelin at St Pancras

Side view of a Javelin

[1] Colin J Marsden, DMU and EMU Recognition Guide (Ian Allan, 2013) p. 298