Class 345 Crossrail Aventra

The Class 345 is the rolling stock being built for the Crossail project which crosses London and when it opens fully in late 2019 will be known as the Elizabeth Line. The Class 345 is the first of the Bombardier Aventra family of EMUs to enter service.

Number built: 630 (70 9-car sets)
Built: 2015-
Builder: Bombardier Derby
Motor: Bombardier traction system (25kV AC OHLE)

No Class 341 was built but
it did appear on a carrier bag!
Crossrail will eventually be a one hundred and eighteen kilometre line stretching from the West (as far as Reading) to the East (Shenfield) of London. It will have a new tunnel section through the centre of London. Unlike other deep level tunnels the Crossrail tunnels are large enough for standard gauge trains and not tube sized stock. The Crossrail project was first mentioned in 1974 though no serious plans or proposals took place until the 1980s and early 1990s. If the project had begun under British Rail then the rolling stock could have been the Networker derived Class 341.

Finally concrete proposals were formed up in the early 2000s with construction beginning in 2009, twenty one kilometres of new tunnels being needed under London. The first part of Crossrail to open officially is due at the end of 2019.

However the Class 345 entered service in the Summer of 2017, it being operated under the TfL Rail brand until the Elizabeth Line is opened officially. The Class 345 is currently used on TfL Rail routes from London Liverpool Street to Shenfield (though only as seven car sets as the platforms are not long enough for the full nine car train yet) and from London Paddington to Heathrow Airport.

The Class 345 is designed to be able to move a lot of people very quickly. The train is designed to be able to carry up to one thousand five hundred passengers at up to 140 km/h (90 mp/h).
345 007 at London Liverpool Street 
An unidentified Class 345 departs Stratford

Old and new at Liverpool Street, 321 314 and 345 007

345 015 at London Liverpool Street