Blackpool Corporation Electric Locomotive 717

Street tram networks operated ancillary or department vehicles to help with the maintenance of their networks, often these were modified former passenger carrying trams. However on some tram networks such as in Birmingham and Manchester there was a substantial business in freight sometimes employing  purpose built vehicles. Parcels was the most typical load [1] though sometimes other goods too. No. 717, built for the Blackpool Corporation, was used for hauling coal.

Number built: 1
Built: 1927
Builder: English Electric
Engine: 2 Dick Kerr DK30 traction motors (550v DC OHLE)
Power: 100 hp (75 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 4w

717 was a small steeple cab electric locomotive similar to hundreds built by English Electric for industrial users like the Type 3B. It was built to haul coal wagons from an LMS siding at Fleetwood next to a tram depot at Copse Road and taken to sidings at Thornton Gate four kilometres for distribution to coal merchants.

717 was fitted with a tram style trolley pole. Originally it had heavy rail style buffers but in 1949 it was reassigned to become a works shunter and departmental vehicle and had a tram coupler fitted. It remained in service until 1963 and has been in preservation since 1966. It is used by Crich Tramway Museum as a shunter and on departmental duties.
717 in the tram shed at Crich

Another view of 717
[1] R.W. Rush, British Electric Tramcar Design (Oxford Publishing, 1976) p. 121