Docklands Light Railway B07 Stock

The third generation of Docklands Light Railway stock, known as the B07 Stock, was ordered for network extensions and to increase capacity on the Bank-Lewisham route. The initial order was for twenty-four twin sets though another thirty-one were added to the order to increase capacity in East London ahead of the London Olympics in 2012.

Number built: 55 twin cars
Built: 2009-10
Builder: Bombardier
Engine: Bombardier traction system (750v DC third rail bottom contact)
Power: 375 hp (280 kW)

The B07 was delivered betwen 2009 and 2010. They have a different front to earlier DLR stock like the B90 in having a slightly curved profile. They also have larger windows and improved interiors compared to older stock and improved acceleration and braking. The B07 introduced the modification to the DLR livery with a black front end [1], older stock has also now had this change.
#137 at South Quay

#155 at Canary Wharf

#136 at Heron Quays

Interior of #142 (B end)

#119 at All Saints

[1] Colin J. Marsden, Rail Guide 2016 (Ian Allan, 2016) p. 277