Sheffield Supertram

The Supertram is a fleet of trams built for the Sheffield Supertram light rail network which began operations in 1994. At nearly thirty five metres long the Supertrams are one of the longest articulated vehicles built for public transport [1].

Number built: 25
Built: 1992
Builder: Siemens-Duewag
Engine: 4 Three-Phase Siemens traction motors (750v DC OHLE)
Power: 1, 114 hp (831 kW)

The trams were built at Siemens-Duewag and first tested on Düsseldorf's Rheinbahn network before being shipped over. The Supertrams consist of three articulated sections [2] and have all powered axles due to the gradients on part of the network.

The Supertrams underwent a full refurbishment in 2006-08 which included interior an exterior changes including the replacement of the original destination boards with LEDs to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.
Supertram 102 at Cathedral

Supertram 119 at Meadowhall Interchange

Supertram 116 in Doncaster Sheffield Airport advertisement livery

Supertram 115 at Fitzalan Square

Another view of 116 in airport livery

Supertram 107 at Cathedral

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[2] Colin J. Marsden, Rail Guide 2016 (Ian Allan, 2016) p. 282