Matisa B41UE/B45 Universal Tampers

Along with Plasser & Theurer, Matisa is a major supplier of tampers to Network Rail and UK suppliers. Tampers pack or "tamp" the ballast under the tracks and sleepers to provide a firmer foundation.

Information for Matisa B45
Number built: 5
Built: 2015 (LU)
Builder: Matisa
Engine: Caterpillar diesel
Power: 540 hp (403 kW)

The Matisa B41UE is manufacturer's most numerous type on British rails being especially designed for the British market. It is a universal tamping machine designed for switches and crossings. The machine comprises two parts, the first has the engine and hydraulics and the second is a permanently coupled trailer that contains a workshop [1].

Another type in use in the B45, three of which are in service on plain line and switches and crossings. Two B45s are also owned by London Underground.
Volker Rail DR 75404 at Leicester

DR 75404 is a B41UE, one of eleven in service

Another view of DR 75404

[1] Royston Morris, Railway Maintenance Vehicles & Equipment (Amberley, 2017) p. 9