Thomas Hill Sentinel rebuilds

The small diesel shunter Thomas Hill Class 188c is interesting as it started life as a steam locomotive! It is one of a number of Sentinel vertical boiler steam locomotives converted to diesel in the 1960s by Thomas Hill of Rotherham.

Builder: (Original) Sentinel Wagon Works
(Rebuild) Thomas Hill
Engine: Rolls Royce C6 diesel
Power: 170 hp (126 kW)
Wheel arrangement: 4wDH

Conversion involved replacing the steam boiler with a Rolls Royce diesel locomotive, adding diesel-hydraulic transmission and new buffer beams plus changes to the superstructure. Thomas Hill 188c was built in 1955 as a steam locomotive and converted in 1967 to diesel. It was used by the CEGB at the North Stella power station before passing into preservation, one of a number now preserved.
Thomas Hill 188c at Wirkworth on the EVR

Thomas Hill 111c at the Foxfield Railway

Another view of 188c