District Railway Electric Locomotives

The District Railway bought ten of these locomotives from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Company of Birmingham to haul London & North Western Railway and later London, Tilbury & Southend Railway services along the electrified section of its outer circle route between Earl's Court and Mansion House [1] and later onto Barking (the District Railway no longer wanted steam locomotives operating through these tunnels). The locomotives operated in pairs and only had a cab at one end. They were based on the railway's then-current fleet of B Stock EMUs and had wooden bodies and clerestory roofs [2].

Number built: 10
Built: 1905
Builder: Metropolitan Carriage and Wagon Company
Engine: 4 British Thomson-Houston GE69 traction motors
(600v DC fourth rail)
Power: 800 hp (597 kW)
Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo

The locomotives were equipped with British Thomson-Houston traction equipment though in 1922 the traction motors were replaced by GE260 from F Stock. Three locomotives were scrapped in 1911 though the rest remained in service until 1939 when the LTSR service was withdrawn.
Model of locomotive at London Transport Museum

Public domain image [3]

Public domain image [3]
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