Class 700 Desiro City

The huge fleet of Class 700 EMU is being built for the upgrade of Thameslink. They will replace a number of older (and not quite so old units) like the Classes 317, 319 and 377. The Class 700 is designed for high reliability, rapid acceleration, short dwell time and an increase in capacity. The Class 700 is a development of the Desiro which is already common on British rails (the Class 450 for example). As they operate on cross-London services (North-South) they are equipped for 25kV AC OHLE and 750v DC third rail.

Number built: 1140 (115 8 and 12 car units) [pending]
Built: 2016-
Builder: Siemens Transportation
Engine: Siemens traction system (750v DC third rail / 25kV AC OHLE)
Formation: (700/0) Driving Motor Composite Open (DMCO)+Pantograph Trailer
Standard Open (PTSO)+Motor Standard Open (MSO)+Trailer

The Class 700 was originally planned to enter service in 2012 though was delayed - mostly due to political and legal not technical reasons. The first train arrived in the UK in 2015 and entered service in the Summer of 2016 with Thameslink.

The Class 700 comes in two versions, the 700/0 is an 8-car unit and the 700/1 a 12 car unit. There will eventually be 60 700/0s and 55 700/1s. All are expected to be delivered by 2019.
700 105 at Bedford

700 105 again at Bedford, alongside 387 118

700 003 at St Pancras 
700 003 again, this time at Bedford