Class 456

The Class 456 was built to replace the Class 416 2-EPB and to give operational flexibility to Network South East [1]. The 2-car trains allow for reinforcement of services and a variety of train lengths. They are usually seen working in multiple with Class 455s.

Number built: 48 (24 2-car sets)
Built: 1990-91
Builder: BREL York
Engine: 2 GEC507-20J traction motors (750v DC third rail)
Power: 500 hp (370 kW)
Formation: Driving Motor Standard Open (DMSO)+Driving Trailer Standard Open (DTSO)

The Class 456 share the same front end design as the Classes 320 and 321 though with nose mounted control and air connections for multiple use with 455s. They were introduced into the Southern division of NSE and eventually settled down after a period of technical and reliability problems.

The Class 456s were delivered in Network South East livery [2]. Following privatisation they were operated by Connex South Central later Southern. In 2014 the fleet transferred to South West Trains to strengthen London commuter services.
SWT 456 012 at Guildford

Coupled up to a Class 455 (left) - notice the different profiles

Another view of 456 012 at Guildford

456 012 arrives at Guildford with a 455

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