London Underground 1996 Tube Stock

The Jubilee Line Extension in the 1990s (at the time the largest construction project in Europe) extended the Jubilee Line out into East London up to Stratford. The 1996 Tube Stock was designed for this extension, initially the idea was to refurbish and augment the existing 1983 Tube Stock fleet but London Underground worked out a fleet of brand new trains would cost the same [1] and last much longer. The new trains were designed to avoid some of the shortcomings of the 1983TS including the bottle neck caused by the single doors [2].

The 1996 Tube Stock looks very similar to the Northern Line's 1995 Tube Stock and indeed the two fleets were built alongside each other. However the 1996TS is technically less advanced than the 1995TS as the specification was made and locked down earlier. Although both have AC motors the 1996TS controls them using a Gate Turn-Off (GTO) Thyristor [3] derived from the one used on the Class 465 EMU (the 1995TS uses the more advanced Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistor (IGBT) drive). They also have different cab designs, electrical systems, bogies and interiors.

Number built: 441 (63 7-car sets)
Built: 1996-98, 2005
Builder: Metro-Cammell, GEC Alsthom, Alstom (2005 build)
Engine: GEC Alsthom three-phase induction motors (630v DC fourth rail)
Formation: Driving Motor (DM)+Trailer (T)+Uncoupling Non-Driving Motor

The 1996TS entered service before the Jubilee Line Extension had been completed and was originally a 6-car set (made up of 2 3-car units) [4]. In 2005 London Underground ordered more cars in order to lengthen the trains up to 7-cars and also bought 4 new complete sets. While the original 1996TS final assembly was at the former Metro-Cammell factory in Birmingham, by 2005 that was closing down and the new cars and trains were built at a Alstom factory in Spain.

The 1996TS is currently receiving a mid-life refresh which includes improved and more accessible interiors and better passenger information [5]. London Underground also planned to add some new build to augment the fleet though these plans have now been put on hold.
96024 at Canning Town

96075 and 96057 at Finchley Road

96103 at Kilburn

96063 at Stratford

96009 at West Hampstead

96007 at Finchley Road
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