Class 60 (Brush Traction 3,100hp Type 5 Diesel-Electric)

The Class 60 was a third generation of Type 5 heavy freight locomotive built by British Rail in the late 1980s. It was designed for the Trainload Sector which included coal, oil and metal loads. The Class 60 used a version of the engine which had been tested in the Class 37/9 and a shared body shell with the Class 92, itself an updated and simplified version of the Class 47 / 56 outline [1]. The extra available power of the Class 60 allowed for longer trains and for double heading using older classes of diesel to be eliminated.

Number built: 100
Built: 1989-93
Builder: Brush Traction
Engine: Mirrlees MB275T diesel
Power: 3, 100 hp (2, 300 kW)
Wheel arrangement: Co-Co

With the influx of Class 66s post-privatisation many Class 60s were withdrawn from service with at times the vast majority of the fleet out of use. However in the last few years a number have been returned to traffic and refurbished and should see service until the late 2020s at least [2]. They can be usually seen on oil trains and aggregate traffic.
DB 60 100 at Kidderminster SVR

DM 60 092 heads through Tamworth

60 066 takes a steel train through Cardiff Central

Cab side view of 60 063

DB 60 063 at Derby

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