Class 507 [Updated]

These units, part of the 1972 Standard Design High Density Stock family, were built to replace the life-expired Class 502 in the late 1970s on the Merseyside third-rail DC electrified network [1]. They are very similar to the Classes 313 and 508 (with whom they share the Merseyrail network) [2].

Number built: 33 3-car sets
Built: 1978-80
Builder: BREL York
Engine: 8 GEC G310AZ traction motors (750v DC third rail)
Power: 880 hp (657 kW)
Formation: Battery Driving Motor Second Open (BDMSO)+Trailer Second Open (TSO)+
Driving Motor Second Open (DMSO)

As built they could carry 230 passengers in a 2+3 seat arrangement but since refurbishment at Eastleigh in the early 2000s that has been changed to a less sardine can like (and warmly welcomed by passengers) low density 2+2 arrangement (seating reduced to 186 [3]). The Class 507s (and 508s) are due to be replaced by new EMUs within the next couple of years [4].
Merseyrail 507 021 at New Brighton

Merseyrail 507 014 at Hamilton Square

Merseyrail 507 003 at Hall Road

Merseyrail 507 024 at Sandhills

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