Class 507 (BREL York Suburban Services 3-car)

These units, part of the 1972 Standard Design High Density Stock family, were built to replace the life-expired Class 502 in the late 1970s on the Merseyside third-rail DC electrified network [1]. They are very similar to the Classes 313 and 508 (with whom they share the Merseyrail third-rail network) [2].

Number built: 99 (33 3-car sets)
Built: 1978-80
Builder: BREL York
Motor: 8 GEC G310AZ traction motors (750v DC third rail)
Power: 880 hp (657 kW)
Formation: Battery Driving Motor Second Open (BDMSO)+
Trailer Second Open (TSO)+Driving Motor Second Open (DMSO)

As built they could carry two hundred and thirty passengers in a 2+3 seat arrangement but since refurbishment at Eastleigh in the early 2000s that has been changed to a less sardine can like (and warmly welcomed by passengers) low density 2+2 arrangement (seating reduced to one hundred and eighty six [3]).

As delivered the 507s were in British Rail blue and grey but in latter years have adopted the predominantly yellow livery of Merseyrail. The Class 507s (and 508s) are due to be replaced by the new Class 777 EMU the end of the decade [4].
Merseyrail 507 021 at New Brighton

507 024 at Waterloo

507 003 arrives at Hall Road

507 007 in the Liverpool Loop at Moorfields

507 024 again, this time at Sandhills

507 021 again, seen at Seaforth & Litherland

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