Class 143 (Walter Alexander / Andrew Barclay Local & Secondary Services 2-car)

The Class 143 is one of the Pacer family of DMUs. It was built at the same time as the Class 142 and is also a railbus design marrying a bus or coach type body (built by coach builder Walter Alexander) to a chassis derived from a freight vehicle [1]. The Class 143 perhaps look a bit more like a train however compared to the 142, the body of which retained more aspects of its Leyland National bus heritage. The follow-on Class 144 uses the same body as the Class 143 though with a different chassis [2].

Number built: 50 (25 2-car sets)
Built: 1985-86
Builder: Walter Alexander / Andrew Barclay
Motor:Cummins LTA10-R diesel per car
Power: 450hp (330kW)
Formation: DMS (Driving Motor Standard)+DMSL (Driving Motor Standard Lavatory)

Originally the 143s worked for British Rail's Provincial Sector and the Tyne & Wear PTE. In the privatised era they are operated by GWR and Arriva Trains Wales. Like the 142s their original transmission has been replaced with a Voith hydraulic one.

As with the other Pacer designs the 143s are (most probably) in their final years now with withdrawal planned for the end of the decade. Two trainsets have already been withdrawn due to fire damage.
Arriva Trains Wales 143 606 at Cardiff Queen Street

ATW 143 609 at Cardiff Queen Street

ATW 143 614 (and a Class 142) at Cardiff Central

ATW 142 075 and 143 606 at Cardiff Queen Street

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[2] Brian Haresnape, Diesel Multiple Units: The Second Generation & DEMUs (Ian Allan, 1986) p. 70