Class 09 (BR Darlington / English Electric 400hp Diesel-Electric)

A relatively tiny adjutant to the huge Class 08 shunter fleet, twenty six Class 09s were built for Southern Region. They were almost exactly the same as the 08 but had different gearing [1] to allow a top speed of 27.5 mp/h [2] (compared to the Class 08's 15 mp/h) and waist high air brake connections for working with Southern multiple-units. Because of this different gearing they have a lower tractive effort than the 08s.

Number built: 38 (including 12 conversions from Class 08)
Built: 1959-62
1992-93 (09/1 and 09/2 conversions)
Builder: BR Darlington & Horwich
09/1 and 09/2 conversions by RFS Kilnhurst
Engine: English Electric 6KT
Power: 400 hp (268 kW)
Wheel-arrangement: 0-6-0

In the early 1990s twelve more Class 09s were built from 08s to fulfil a need for faster shunters [3]. These later conversions, known as the 09/1 and 09/2, lack the high-level air brake connections (the original locomotives became 09/0). The main difference between the two later sub-classes is that the 09/1 has an 110v electrical equipment and the 09/2 90v.

Although the Class 09s spent most of their time on shunting duties there were the odd occasions they were used for passenger duties such as deputising for a Class 33 on Clapham Junction-Kensington Olympia services! The 09s originally were largely restricted to Southern Region but in the privatised era they can be found much wider afield. Ten have been preserved including one used as the National Railway Museum's yard shunter.
EWS liveried 09 001 at the Heritage Shunter Trust

D4100 at Kidderminster SVR

The National Railway Museum's 09 017

09 001 next to 03 099

Another view of 09 017

D4100 amid Class 50s

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